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Writing and Skiing are two passions of mine, and I found that improving in both had a lot of similarities. It starts easy and fun, but quickly grows more difficult.


As I grew into an expert skier, I found that coasting along a green circle started to lose it's thrill... but blue squares were still difficult. Then I conquered blue squares... but the un-groomed and steep black diamonds were intimidating. As I mastered the black diamonds, I truly understood the nuances of the sport. If only someone told me about those nuances when I was still on green circles, I would have improved much faster. 


As I grew as a writer, I felt the same way. I had a lot of fun learning the basics, but the next levels seemed beyond reach. Most of the blogs, books and advice out there were for beginning writers. Most of the advice was ephemeral and vague.  It’s good information… but how do I apply that information? 


It all started with a blog, the Blue Square Writer. I learned more about the craft of writing, enhanced my skills and published my work, and eventually earned my Masters of Fine Arts in creative writing. My blog detailed and mused about how I ventured from figurative green circles, through blue squares, and how I sought out and mastered the black diamonds. Then, I realized I could do more -- I could help other writers by easing the process of learning abstract and complicated concepts.


Sure, writers talk about "voice" and "style" and all those other buzzwords our writers groups toss out. But I knew I could teach what voice or characterization or point of view looks like at the sentence level. I knew I could transform these abstract ideas into concrete knowledge and make it easier for new writers to learn. 


To accomplish this, Blue Square works directly with writers directly on their writing. I'm not a publisher nor an agent, so I'm not not here to make money. And I'm not a copy editor here only to fix your commas. Blue Square genuinely helps you become a better writer. So much goes into writing and it's a difficult process. Blue Square makes it easier. 

Novel Editing and Editors
Novel Editing and Editors
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