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"Christopher delivered exactly what he promised. Whereas previous editors struggled to meet deadlines, Christopher edited my book promptly with no sacrifices in completeness. As a beginning writer, I appreciated his detailed advice on how I can improve."

Tyler J. 

"This was my first time being edited and Christopher took the time to instruct as well edit. I learned very valuable information that will make my writing stronger in the future. I was impressed at how much time he spent on my work."

Suzanne J.

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"I can assure you that so far this has been a much less stressful experience than anticipated. While the stressors will surely come with extensive editing, Blue Square Writers have been extremely helpful, punctual, flexible and very personable, working directly to make the writer comfortable. I will be using Blue Square for this particular series, for sure, and for any future writings."

Christian P. 

"I am just starting to dig into the edit, but I can already tell you he is thoughtful and very, very, very intelligent at his craft. He is perceptive, responsive and made the whole experience very easy."

Bryan H. 

"Christopher did a great job helping me develop my manuscript. I plan to work with him in the future and highly recommend his services."

James C. 

"I couldn't be happier with the services I received from Christopher. He was affordable and eager to help me. He always answered my questions promptly and gave suggestions to make my book better. I would recommend Christopher to anyone who needs an editor. I look forward to working with him on future projects as well."

Jennifer F.

"I hired Christopher to edit my manuscript. He found all the standard grammatical errors that are expected from any competent editor. The part that sets him apart from other editors is that he takes the time to explain my errors to me and truly seems to make an effort to make me a better writer. Many editors get so wrapped up in what is wrong with a manuscript, they often lose focus on the story. Christopher does not. He shows actual interest in the words and offers his thoughts and suggestions on the plot and storyline. I feel he is an asset to any writer, and you can feel confident that he will make your words better. He is a tough taskmaster, but I know he's on my team. I consider myself fortunate to have found him and you will too."


"I am an experieinced nonficton writer with about 200 publications. Christopher edited my novel and did quality work. His comments were insightful and provided the basis for my next revision. He is an excellent communicator and vey easy to work with."

Dean K.

"The editor provided fast and professional service for me. Gives feedback in a clear manner. Responds to questions via email quickly. Eager to help with editing, and pleasant to work with. I would definitely recommend him to others."

Gina M.

"Excellent, professional, well time-management and detailed review feedback which I didnt expect it. I like the in-depth knowledge Christopher carry as from a readers and analysis perspective. I will recommend and use them again."

Usha N.

"Blue Square Editing Service has been very helpful. Christopher met my deadline and made every effort to make his editing services meet and exceed expectations. Thank you!"

Jeannie S.

"Christopher was a pleasure to work with and added some critical changes to my novel SEVEN DAYS that were much needed. He helped polish, clean up, and present a much better product. He also was very reasonably priced. I would definitely use Blue Square Editing Service in the future. Good luck to you Christopher."

Sterling N.

"So professional! Chris did such an excellent job with editing my book. I will definitely be working with him again!"

Dewunmi O. 

"Being a first time author, Christopher Cervelloni had a work load ahead editing my manuscript. He scheduled me within a few weeks after my request for editing and finished it quickly. Christopher's constructive three page commentary explaining his editing process, suggesting better ways to assemble sentence structure and develop content demonstrated his skill in helping me achieve a remarkably improved manuscript. When doubting my novice writing abilities, Christopher's positive encouragement improved my mindset toward one of I can do it. He listens well, is to the point and professional. I will definitely use Christopher for future projects and highly recommend him to others."

Vicki L.

"Christopher impressed me from the start with his quick and friendly response to my ad. He is professional, fast, and knowledgeable. His edits are clear, precise, and wisdom-filled. He respects deadlines and answers all emails quickly. I was surprised by the detailed comments and surgical edits I received in a very short space of time. He edited my 470 page manuscript in approximately a week and half! The price was perfect for my budget. Thanks!"

Janice L.

"Christopher pointed out the strengths in my writing, while very constructively critiquing where I could improve. His expert comments enabled me to create a work that I could proudly present to family, friends, and the general public. I was very pleased with the help he rendered on this initial project and plan to seek out his help on future ones."

Sonja S.

"I was skeptical about using this service after having a horrible editing experience in with others the past; however, that all changed after my contact with a few editors. Christopher Cervelloni (Blue Square Writers' Studio) answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable with the services he provided. He made the payment options simple; his editing was excellent and his insight with regards to my story context was more than I expected. He also completed everything within a week of submission. He went far and beyond what I expected and I will definitely use him to edit my next book."

Latonya H.

"Christopher is an intelligent and insightful editor. I am very pleased with how he handled my manuscript. He gave a lot of constructive criticism, as well as praise. As a new writer, these things are important. I look forward to working with Christopher in the future."

Vlada K.

"What a pleasure to work with Christopher! He's such a professional. Like many writers, I'm quite sensitive about sharing my work with others, but Christopher was thorough, offering lots of insight and suggestions for improvement mixed with keen observations and delicate compliments. He clearly knows what he's doing. I hope to collaborate with him again."

Teresa R. 

"I couldn't be happier with the service that I got with Blue Square Editing. He was very insightful and pointed out a lot of things that I had not noticed were wrong. Also, he gave me a timeline and was finished even earlier than he was supposed to. He did a very thorough job and am very satisfied with his services."

Mercedes M.

"Christopher edited my very first novel recently. The service he provided far exceeded my expectations. He provided editing for grammatical errors and sentence structure, but also for flow and consistency throughout my novel. He returned to me my fully edited manuscript with his notes, corrections and recommendations, as well as a 2-page overview summary of my work. In addition to recommendations, he also offered positive feedback, which complemented the critique and recommendations well. His critique was honest, professional, and critical in pushing me to be the best author I can be. In reading his comments, I felt like Christopher knew me and my book. The fee he charges was significantly lower than most of the other quotes I received, making this an outstanding value overall."

Lora N.

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