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Blue Square's  Business Model

Blue Square Writers Studio provides professional editing and consultation services for fiction and creative non-fiction. All Blue Square editors are themselves writers with their Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and members of the Editorial Freelancers Association. Because we're all advanced writers ourselves, our services are unlike any other.  We understand and empathize with the nuances and struggles inherent to the craft of writing.  We tailor each project to specifically fit your styles and needs, providing personalized expertise to your project. We're here to help you become a better writer while on your way to publishing a great book. 

We pride ourselves on our individual, personalized service, and we handle any and all aspects of the writing process. Whether you need guidance in starting your novel, brainstorming a stalled idea, putting the final polish on a finished book, or writing query letters to agents, Blue Square can help. Since 2012, Blue Square has worked with clients from all walks of life, with all genres of writing, and has a long list of satisfied customers .  We work to establish long-term relationships with all of our writers, and many of our clients publish their work and continue on to write second and third books.

We edit in two distinct ways:


First, we provide in-text edits. With this, we make any grammatical, spelling, or mechanics corrections that are required – i.e. the typical copyediting. If there are repeated errors, we'll teach you how to fix those. We also interact with the text like a normal reader. We write comments on the manuscript (digitally, using Word's Comment feature), ask questions, make comments, and let you know how we're reading, on a sentence-by-sentence level, what you've written. We focus on both major and minor issues, offer suggestions and fixes, and we also compliment what you're doing well.


Second, we give you a write-up (about 3-4 pages) addressing overall issues, compliments, and suggestions. In this write-up we detail big-picture and whole-book concepts and how you can best handle them. We offer mini-lessons and explanations on writing craft specifically focused on your style and project. After we've returned the manuscript to you, we're also available to answer any questions or clarify any comments we’ve made – anything to help as you take the next steps in the process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What format should I send the manuscript?


A: We request you submit manuscripts formatted in Times New Roman font, size 12, double spaced with 1-inch margins. This is the same formatting literary magazines and agents usually require, and so we try to set our writers up to meet their demands too. 


Q: Do I need to have a specific word processor program?


A: Nope! We prefer to work in Microsoft Word, but if you don't have that word processor there are many other options we can explore together. Just let your Editor know when you schedule an editing time.


Q: Can I schedule my editing right away?


A: Blue Square Writers' Studio is popular. Sometimes we have immediate openings, but usually we book clients 4 weeks in advance, and we operate on a first-come, first-served basis. The earlier you contact Blue Square, the earlier we can schedule your editing.


Q: How much will editing cost?


A: We charge just $4 per page. That's less than half the price suggested by the Editorial Freelancers Association and about $2 less per-page than most of our competitors. We have no hidden fees or unexpected costs. All editors have their Masters degree and several fiction publications themselves, and that's just the foundation from which we offer much more individualized attention and faster return time. 


Presuming a typical 250-page novel:

Other Company: Start-up fees $60-100 before per-word costs
Other Company: Flat fee: Up to 65,000 words for $2,500
Other Company: $.02/word only copy-edit = $1,300

Other Company:$.035/word for developmental edit = $2,275

Blue Square Editing: full developmental editing = $1000


Q: Can I send money with PayPal?


A: Yup! PayPal is our preferred method of payment. For our business, we've found it to be secure, fast and convenient. Signing up for a PayPal account is free ( If you prefer to use another method, we're happy to make arrangements that best fit your preferences. If finances are an issues, we can easily work out another payment plan that better fits your budget. As stated above, our business model is to build a long-term relationship, so we're as flexible as our clients need us to be.


Any more questions? Please contact our Executive Editor:

Quick Steps to Editing

1) Contact an editor below

2) Set your start date

3) Email your manuscript

4) Relax while we edit

5) Receive edits and write-up

6) Ask any questions needed

Christopher Cervelloni

Executive Editor


Christopher earned his BA in English Education and has been teaching for almost a decade. He earned his MFA in Creative Writing from Rutgers University and has been published in several literary magazines, including The Crab Orchard Review, Rivet Journal, Fogged Clarity, SixFold, The MacGuffin and The Barcelona Review. He currently lives and teaches in Denver, Colorado. When he's not writing or in the classroom, he's off somewhere in the mountains.

Contact Christopher:

Derrick Miller

Senior Editor


Derrick Miller earned his BA in Writing & Publishing at Emerson College, and his MFA in Creative Writing at Rutgers University. He enjoys writing fiction, reading, teaching, and playing music. He puts his passion for writing and literature, as well as his eye for detail,  to expert use in editing others' work, in which he takes great pride.

Contact Derrick:​