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Novel Editing and Editors

Seven Days

by Sterling Nixon


An Amazon bestseller, Nixon's action-adventure novel tells the story of a country divided, a wrecked economy, and Rick Savage's struggle to save the United States from descending into complete chaos. 

Novel Editing and Editors

Behold the Dreamers

by Imbolo Mbue


From Random House Publishing: Just as Jende Jonga, a West African immigrant, finds a great job as a chauffer for a high-ranking Lehman Brothers executive, the financial collapse hits, putting Jonga's family and future prospects in jeopardy.

Book Editor

Close to Dark

by Jan M. Alexander

When Alida's mother disappears in a column of flame, Alida must face her divided lineage - her angel light and her vampire dark - and find the secret potion that will quell her bloodlust before she consumes her new friends and Teddy, who has been like a father to her. 

Book Editor

Calling Gaia

by Jan M. Alexander

When the Dark and the Light are after your baby, who can you trust? Ariel’s baby will soon be born. While hiding from Heaven and The Tenebre vampires, she meets a human man who shelters her as best he can. But Ariel must face a harsh reality when she conjures Gaia, and learns of her baby’s fate.



by E.C. Prather

Heldan Port has lost its wizards. Without its ill-tempered support system, the capital is poised to fall to shadowed foes. Chancellor Tiberion Marstarrow, enigmatic ruler of Heldan Port, braces for the coming storm and weighs his regrettably few options. The burden of salvation inevitably falls upon a criminal lordling, a warrior forging her path to greatness, a barkeep and his foul-mouthed demon apprentice, and the infamous Brothers Arda. 

Novel Editing and Editors

Big Change Gonna Come

by Vince Dowdle Jr.


Vic has a genie that he’d like to kill. Well, maybe kill is too harsh a word. But Omar, a 1200 year old genie, is about as unlikeable as a genie can get. But there’s an easy fix for Vic. All he’s got to do is come up with three perfect wishes really fast, and Omar is out of his life forever. It sounds easy. But if Vic doesn’t say his wishes just right, Omar could steal from somebody… or hurt somebody… or destroy the planet.

Novel Editing and Editors

Escape from Ludomania

by Shane K. Twede


After a brief, incomplete, and mysterious phone call from his best friend, black-ops agent Cougar suspects his best friend has been abducted. Cougar's search and rescue mission takes him to the Caribbean, where he must fight a multi-national corporation with a less-than-moral boss in order to save his best friend. 

Novel Editing and Editors

Tomorrow My

Sunshine Will Come

by Jennifer Foxworthy


Foxworthy's memoir follows a group of women as they struggle and overcome domestic abuse. These real-life stories of trial and triump engage, captivate, educate and inspire readers from all different walks of life. You can check out more about Jennifer Foxworthy at

Novel Editing and Editors


by Veronica Blackbeauty


Lyric suffers a spiral of events that leaves her hanging by threads and solving problems by feeding bodies with her 9 millimeter. Lyric also finds herself in love with two men but forces keeps her from revealing her true feelings, until its maybe too late. When Lyric is enlisted to help laundering money, she and her lover Jay make it rain over Philly. But with their violent pasts, what happens if one is disloyal to the other?

Novel Editing and Editors

Angel of the Lord

by Dan Dwyer


Jonathan Prescott miraculously survives a terrorist missile hitting his plane. His story becomes national news and  Jonathon embarks on a journey to discover how he survived -- a discovery that shows his important role in future events. With authorities wanting him dead and threats more dangerous than terrorists, Jonathon teams up with friends and Angels to save not only himself, but the world.

Book Editor

Remote Access

by Corey Camalari


A science fiction writer struggles with his sanity when the parallel worlds he creates collide with reality and he becomes entangled with humanoids and two runaways who discover a Multiverse. A contemporary sci-fi romantic adventure where assorted realities and wormholes exist.

Book Editor

Pursuit of the Zodiacs

by Nathan Walsh


A select group of Archangels called Mosqidou have been sent down upon the mortal realms of the Universe to warn the Zodiacs of a Dark Society. This Dark Society’s objective is to deceive the new generation of Zodiacs into joining their federation. Finding the Zodiacs iso nly one of many problems the Pursuers face in their race against time.

Book Editor

Task Force Hawkwolf

by G. Fred Campbell


Lieutenant Corwin MacIntyre leads a platoon of power-armored cavalry troopers during the Unification Stratagem, and finds out their most ardent foe isn’t fighting to stop Unification but to field test and develop new technologies that will be used to further their own agenda. Task Force Hawkwolf is the first book of the Imperial Hawkwolf series.

Book Editor

The Barrier: Teorran of Time

by D.S. Johnson


Shazmpt has been prepared his whole life to complete the prophesy; however until recently, he was unaware of his true identity as a powerful war wizard. Hidden on an island in a time realm not his own, he must now search for ancient relics in order to stop the growing evil in the world. Driven by duty and hindered by self-doubt, he must learn to harness his good and evil powers, but will he survive the shadow?

Book Editor

E.X.O The Legend of Wale Williams

by Roye Okupe

In the second installment of E.X.O., Wale heals, trains, and teams up with Fury to save Lagoon City from Oniku and the extremist gropu THE CREED's army of Dred Ones. 

Book Editor

Start With One

by Adam Mastroianni

Adam knew from a young age that he was "different". In his autobiography, he reveals his struggles with and triumphs over personal conflicts of religion, sexuality, society... and his unfailing will to find happiness in it all.  

Book Editor

The Dust Prophet

by Shannon Macfarlane

In 1921, in the tiny farming town of Harmony, Kansas, Esta Macphee is no ordinary girl. She feels possessed and has knowledge only the Lord could have bestowed upon her. But is she God’s handmaiden or a clever con-artist? The Dust Prophet is a story of the limits of human suffering and the desperate need for faith. 

Book Editor

Angels & Vampires

by Chantay Coleman

Angels & Vampires encompasses the mystical origins of vampires along with a destined love story. When rebellious angels evolve into the 1st Vampires, their archangel brethren compose their demise. Meet Stephan, a man deep in love, who has no idea of his connection to the trouble. Join Stephan as he joins the magical battle that unfurls in this original tale.

Book Editor

Stepping on the

Devil's Tail

by Raul Hernandez

Jack Fuentes is about to hand in his resignation and put newsrooms in the rearview mirror of his life. But one last interview with a dying mob boss puts Jack back into the hot seat and sends him running for his life. 

Book Editor

Traverse: The Last Heir of Arthur

by W.A. Holdsworth


Secretary-General René Boujeau desires to recast the United Nations into his own personal empire. William Cameron MacCrarey, the last living ancestor of King Arthur, is the only man capable of stopping him.  MacCrarey will be pushed to his emotional and intellectual limits as he battles to take down a man of monstrous beliefs bent on creating a despotic empire.

Book Editor

Fireship Nascence

by James Robinson


The terrorist organization Genesis has procured a nuclear weapon and plans to use it against the United States.  JR and his military team must stop Genesis from detonating the bomb, a seemingly straightforward mission. But looks can be deceiving and the mission grows increasingly complicated.

Book Editor

Cosmic Conscious Communication

by Vicki Mauer


Cosmic Conscious Communication: A True Story of Reunion with a Celestial Intelligence takes readers on an alluring, intimate journey with Vicki as she travels through her inner vision beyond present reality.

Book Editor

Teacher on the Brink

by John Kellmayer


Steve McQueen, a 26-year old security guard and nightclub bouncer was raised and lives in an environment of addiction, violence, and racism. While battling impulse control, Steve is unfairly fired from his job. A recent graduate, McQueen is on the brink of homelessness when he's offered a long-term substitute position teaching in an alternative school in Philadelphia. He continues to fight, but this time for himself and his students. 

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